This weekend will see decorated former WWF & ECW superstar Tajiri make a triumphant return to the Northeast for a pair of must-see matches for House of Hardcore, including a first-time ever contest versus fellow International star “The Knockout Artist” Chris Hero.

Though these two men have never crossed paths in any capacity, they have numerous commonalities in their respective career paths. Both worked for Big Japan Wrestling during the formative years of their careers. Both also wrestled in Mexico for CMLL. Each embraced lucha libre, while also being proficient strikers, Hero with his trademark elbows and Tajiri with this trademark kicks. This Saturday night – they are on a collision course however and will square off in a featured matchup at House of Hardcore at the Elmcore Center in Corona, New York.

It’s a classic case of size vs. speed in this bout, which will pit two veterans who are technically sound as it gets – but can also brawl and scrap with the best of them. Hero will have the size advantage and Tajiri has an advantage in speed. Hero will undoubtedly look to dim the lights of Tajiri with his Cyclone Kill discus kick or perhaps rolling elbow, whereas Tajiri will look to pull out several familiar trademark maneuvers (Taratula, Gori Special etc) and maybe even a few old tricks familiar to his long-time fans. Tajiri is banking on his return singles match in the Northeast being a successful one – but he’ll have his work cut out for him vs. Hero, who’s last match at HoH saw him pick up a huge win over former Tajiri rival and Hardcore Icon Tommy Dreamer.

Tajiri has made sparse appearances in the US over the last decade after really making his name as a top performer in ECW and WWF with famous bouts vs. talents such as Super Crazy, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, Tazz, RVD, Eddy Guerrero and many more. Tajiri currently wrestles for the Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan.

Hero is fresh of a successful tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan (where he himself has crossed paths with Tajiri’s former rival Super Crazy) – competing in its Global League Tournament and amassing a respectable 4-3 record – including scoring huge wins over Japanese legends Masato Tanaka & Satoshi Kojima. Hero is the definition of a “world-traveled” veteran – with a 17-year career that has taken him to Germany, England, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Japan & Australia. Hero can currently be seen wrestling for Pro Wrestling Guerilla, EVOLVE & of course – is a regular in House of Hardcore rings.

House of Hardcore is proud to be able to bring “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri back to his old stomping grounds of the ECW Arena in South Philadelphia on Saturday and Elmcore Center in Queens, NY on Sunday.